Battling Hunger in Indiana

Jennifer Lundy collects food for her mother and her family. Lundy is a former volunteer at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. (Photo/Caelin Miltko)

By Caelin Miltko and Dakota Connell-Ledwon

Jennifer Lundy, a South Bend resident, rolled her cart up to the counter at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. The cart was filled to the brim with produce and non-perishables to be taken home to her three daughters, her niece and nephew and her mother.

Her mother had just had shoulder surgery and was unable to work. Lundy said that getting from the local food bank helps her mother out a great deal.

“I watched a lot of people come through here,” said Lundy, who used to volunteer at the food bank, “and you don’t realize the demand for these places.”

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Butte and the Berkeley Pit

The state of Montana has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1992, when Bill Clinton won 37.63 percent of the popular vote to beat George H.W. Bush. Bush received 35.12 percent of the popular vote that year.

In the 2016 election, when Donald Trump won 55.6 percent of the popular vote in Montana, six counties voted for Hillary Clinton: Missoula, Glacier, Big Horn, Gallatin, Deer Lodge and Silver Bow.

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Google Trends: Social Media Site Searches

Twitter/Instagram and Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: In April 2016, Slate announced that Facebook is no longer the social network. Their point was that people are sharing less and less original content on Facebook and instead reposting from other sites.

This is part of the conventional wisdom that Facebook is on the way out as the primary social media platform. A glance at the Google Trends comparison reveals that while searches for Facebook have been steadily declining since Dec. 2012, it is still far outpaces searches for Twitter or Instagram.

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