Google Trends: Social Media Site Searches

Twitter/Instagram and Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: In April 2016, Slate announced that Facebook is no longer the social network. Their point was that people are sharing less and less original content on Facebook and instead reposting from other sites.

This is part of the conventional wisdom that Facebook is on the way out as the primary social media platform. A glance at the Google Trends comparison reveals that while searches for Facebook have been steadily declining since Dec. 2012, it is still far outpaces searches for Twitter or Instagram.

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Google Trends: Terminology in the Abortion Debate

Pro Life/Anti Abortion and Pro Choice/Abortion Rights: As NPR explored here in 2010, the terms used to describe various sides and opinions in the abortion debate matter. Consistently, news sources prefer to use the terms “abortion rights activists” and “anti-abortion” rather than “pro-choice” and “pro-life.”

Generally, as can be seen in the graphic, people are more likely to use the search terms “pro life” and “pro choice.” Interestingly, as can be seen below, from Jan. 23-Jan. 25, the searches for “anti abortion” briefly outnumbered the searches for “pro life.”
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