Top 10 Cities in the United States for Drinking Issues

A 2014 study by the Centers for Disease Control examined alcohol use throughout the United States. Men’s Health Magazine took this data and graded the top ten cities in the United States dealing with drinking problems. A map of these cities can be found here.

The list compared deaths from liver disease and DUI crashes, binge drinking rates, DUI arrests, and harsh DUI laws. All ten cities received an F for drinking issues.

Men’s Health Magazine ranked Fresno, CA the worst city for drinking issues, with Reno, NV and Billings, MT coming in second and third respectively.

24/7 Wall St. did an updated list in May 2016, which ranked Appleton, WI as the drunkest city in the United States. This list uses different data to make the list, relying on the percent of adults who reported drinking to excess, the percentage of driving deaths that involved alcohol, the premature death rates and the median household income.

Reno was still listed as the drunkest city in Nevada, though it didn’t make 24/7 Wall St.’s top ten.


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